DNP Methods for biological applications   27.6.2003 Goethe University Frankfurt

Kick-off meeting for EU Bio-DNP project   6.2.2006 Goethe University Frankfurt

First annual progress meeting Bio-DNP    20.8.2006 Goettingen, right before 22nd ICMRBS

Shuttle & DNP Discussion Meeting in Frankfurt    06.12.2006 Goethe University Frankfurt

Satellite Workshop Electron-Nuclear Spin Interactions     06.07.2007 after EUROMAR

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Symposium    29.-31. 08. 2007, Jubilee Campus University of Nottingham, UK

Bio-DNP Project mid-term review meeting    28.2.2008 Frankfurt

Annual Bio-DNP review and progress meeting    26. & 27.9.2008 Florence

2. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Symposium    02.-04. 09. 2009, Goethe University Frankfurt

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