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The 2nd Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Symposium

Theory - Hardware - Applications - Radicals


The Second International Symposium "Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Theory - Hardware-Applications- Radicals" will be held during September 2- 4, 2009 in Königstein, Germany. The venue of the meeting will be the Conference Center Königstein KTC, situated about 20 minutes from Frankfurt's city centre. Königstein is located at the foot of the Feldberg Mountain in the midst of beautiful woodland surroundings. DNP symposium 2009 is organized by the Goethe University, Frankfurt.

The DNP symposium started as an international symposium in Nottingham, UK in 2007. The intention of this symposium is to bring scientists on EPR, NMR and microwave engineering communities together to discuss progress in research that involves DNP. The symposium cover as many aspects of DNP as possible with sessions focusing on hardware development, different DNP strategies and theoretical considerations, in vitro applications of DNP in spectroscopy and imaging as well as in vivo applications in the medical MRI area. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization has received in the last few years increased attention by the EPR, NMR and microwave engineering community since a string of recent papers has demonstrated that DNP strategies in conjunction with appropriate hardware could be used to enhance sensitivity in a wide range of NMR and MRI experiments.

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