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Available Positions

At the moment we can offer the following research projects:

Bachelor Thesis:

  • Synthesis of paramagnetic compounds for EPR method developments (Dr. Jörn Plackmeyer)
  • Analysis of RNA structures and dynamics (Nicole Erlenbach)
  • Pulsed EPR experiments on RNA molecules (Thilo Hetzke)
  • Pulsed EPR experiments on Proteins (Katja Barth)
  • Cw-EPR experiments on RNA molecules in cells (Dr. Alberto Collauto)

Master Thesis:

  • Synthesis and cw-EPR spectroscopy of paramagnetic multi-radical molecules (Dr. Jörn Plackmeyer)
  • Characterization of conformational flexibility of RNA aptamer (Nicole Erlenbach)
  • Characterization of conformational flexibility of multi-domain proteins (Dr. Alberto Collauto)
  • In-cell EPR experiments (Dr. Alberto Collauto)
  • Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced NMR experiments (Dr. Vasyl Denysenkov)

PhD Thesis:

  • Investigation of RNA motives by EPR spectroscopy (Dr. Burkhard Endeward)
  • In-cell EPR experiments (Dr. Alberto Collauto)
  • Quantum-mechanical modeling and optimization of pulsed EPR experiments (Prof. Thomas Prisner)
  • High-field pulsed EPR method developments and applications (Dr. Burkhard Endeward)
  • High-field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR spectroscopy in liquids (Dr. Vasyl Denysenkov)
  • Dynamic Nuclear Polarization enhanced MRI for medical applications (Dr. Vasyl Denysenkov)

If you are interested please write an e-mail to Prof. Prisner
or contact us via:

Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Prisner
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Goethe University Frankfurt
Max-von-Laue-Str. 7
Building N140/17
60438 Frankfurt am Main